Английский язык. Предлоги времени

Предлог Использование Примеры
in С: месяцами in July; in September
Годом in 1985; in 1999
Временами года in summer; in the summer of 69
Часть дня in the morning; in the afternoon; in the evening
Через какое-то время in a minute; in two weeks
at Часть дня at night
Время суток at 6 o’clock; at midnight
Праздники at Christmas; at Easter
Устойчивые выражения at the end of the week
at the same time
on Дни недели on Sunday; on Friday
Даты on the 25th of December*
Спец. Праздники on Good Friday; on Easter Sunday; on my birthday
Конкретная часть дня on the morning of September the 11th*
after После чего-то after school
ago Какое-то время назад (в прошлом) 6 years ago
before До чего-то\ ранее before Christmas
between Время между двумя событиями between Monday and Friday
by К конкретному времени by Thursday
during В течение какого-то промежутка времени during the holidays
for Период времени for three weeks
from … to
from… till/until
С какого-то момента до какого-то момента from Monday to Wednesday
from Monday till Wednesday
from Monday until Wednesday
past Время дня (после) 23 minutes past 6 (6:23)
since Дата начала since Monday
till/until До какого-то времени till tomorrow
until tomorrow
to До какого-то конкретного времени\часа 23 minutes to 6 (5:37)
up to До какого-то времени (по сколько-то часов) up to 6 hours a day
within В течение какого-то периода времени within a day



English. Кроссворд «Предлоги»


Across2. We fought __________ the ballot measure.
7. The cat jumped ____ the table.
9. The cat climbed ___ the tree.
10. My story is shorter ____ yours.
11. Cats are ____ dogs.
13. Put the cookie ___ the jar.
14. Let’s walk _________ the park.
16. The vegetables were planted ______ the apple tree.
17. Betty sings ____ a bird.
18. My story is _____ my pets.
19. Bobby is the president _______ our class.
20. We live ____ the river.
21. Let’s walk _____ class together.
22. The bank is ________ the park.
23. We live ________ the city limits.
25. I saw Jonny waving ______ the crowd.
28. I am more cautious ______ the fall.
29. I have a present ____ you.
31. We strolled ________ the river.
32. He ran ________ us.
33. I put the letter _______ the library books.
Down1. I put the book _______ the table.
2. Please treat us ___ equals.
3. Desert will be served ______ dinner.
4. My house is _____ the school.
5. We walked ___ the store.
6. No gum chewing _____ class.
8. The book fell ____ my desk.
11. I will not leave _____ the speech is finished.
12. The store is open everyday ___ Sunday.
15. The dog is ________ the house.
16. The cat is hiding ________ my bed.
19. The cat jumped ______ the dog.
20. He is hiding _______ the bookcase.
22. Dinner is _____ the table.
24. I put my hands __________ my gloves.
26. We will eat ________ the play.
27. The cat is sleeping _____ the bed.
29. This letter is ________ my aunt.
30. We ran _______ the other kids.



Английский язык. Предлоги места (1)


above — над

behind — за

between — между

in — в

in front of — перед

near — около

next to — рядом

on — на

under — под