Постройте отрицание

1. They invited Linda to their party but they ___________________ Carol.

2. We met Sally but we ___________________ Frank.

3. They did their English homework but they___________________  their Maths homework.

4. The girls visited the Tower but they ___________________ Westminster Abbey.

5. He bought jeans but he ___________________ any T-shirts.

6. We watched the news but we ___________________ the weather report.

7. We read chapter 1 to 4 but we___________________  the last chapter.

8. She talked to us but she___________________  to Mr Brown.

9. They played tennis but they___________________  football.

10. She made breakfast but she ___________________ lunch.

11. They were in Boston but they___________________  in New York.

12. She liked Chris but she ___________________ Robert.

13. He was happy but she___________________  happy.

14. Paula sang well but Christina ___________________ well.

15. She got up early but he  ___________________early.