Heineken — the Candidate

В одном из лучших промо-видео ушедшего года компания Хайнекен разрушает все представления о том, что такое собеседование, как оно должно проходить и чем завершаться. Мы же, конечно же, видим в этом ещё один шанс для некоторого улучшения владения английским языком. Итак:

Pre-watching questions: What was your strangest job interview? Were you well prepared for it? How did it go?


Passionate — страстный

Passion — страсть

Weakness — слабость

Stubborn — упрямый

Hire — нанять

Kick off — начало

Hand in hand — держась за руки

Medical assistance — медицинская помощь

Fiery — огненный, пылкий

Calculated —расчётливый

Get infected —заражаться

Vote — голосовать

Using the words above, fill in the gaps in the sentences:

As a player and commentator, Dibble became well-known for his _______ personality.
I’m a man who is whole-heartedly _______ about jeans and clothing as a whole.
The event is scheduled to _______March 6 with a ceremonial start in Anchorage.
The City Council voted 4-3 on Tuesday night to _______ a lawyer to make the filing.
If everyone around you has been vaccinated, you’re less likely to _______.
Countless villages were without a single person trained to give _______.
For me, music and dance go _______and you can’t have one without the other.
Bailey is a calm and _______ man so his comments should be taken seriously
Anyone can _______ in the online Sears contest and the winner will be named on Friday.
We’re surprised that they share our _______ for telling the story of Harvey Milk.

Now watch the video and answer the questions:

Why did Heineken decide to make such an unusual interview?
How were the candidates tested?
Who did they choose and why?
What do you think you would in a similar interview?

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