Test yourself! Would you make a good spy?

Would you nake a good spy?

1. What is your principal motivation for wanting to become a spy?
a. Adventure
b. Money
c. Ideals

2. How old are you?
a. Under 20
b. 20-24
c. 25-35
d. Over 35
e. Over 45
f. Over 55

3. How good a liar are you?
a. You usually blush when you tell a lie
b. You can tell an occasional lie without too much trouble,
but you hate telling really big lies
c. You can lie pretty good as a rule
d. You love telling a good big lie
e. You never lie

4. How  courageous are you? Suppose that you see someone (let’s say, a man much bigger and stronger than you) doing something bad, such as beating a child brutally or torturing a puppy. Would you…
a. Try to talk him out of it
b. Stop him by any means, even attack him physically
c. Inform the police
d. Mind your own business

5. How would you go about collecting information? Suppose you suspect your wife (husband, companion), of being unfaithful to you. Would you…
a. Employ a detective
b. Ask close friends to supply you with information
c. Conduct discreet inquiries on your own without involving anyone else
d. Make a scene and browbeat her (him) into admitting her (his ) guilt
e. Do nothing and hope things will straighten themselves out

6. What is the extent of your readiness to break the law?
a. To drive through a red light at 2 A.M. with no one about
b. To do anything, as long as it serves your purpose
c. To do nothing illegal under any circumstances
d. To cheat on your income tax return

7. How good a friend are you? Assume that a close friend needs your help, but giving it would cause you much trouble and expense. Would you…
a. Rush to the aid unasked and act without consulting the individual
b. Ask how you can best be of help and then act accordingly
c. Give only as much help as will not inconvenience you a great deal
d. Explain that you are sorry, but you are in no position to be of much help

8. How good a mixer are you?
a. Fond of social life, but only within your own circle
b. At home in any crowd
c. Able to make friends with strangers
d Shy and withdrawn, not a good mixer

9. How would you describe yourself as a drinker?
a. A heavy drinker
b. A light drinker
c. A social drinker, but able to take it
d A teetotaler

10. How immoral are you? Do you believe in the maxim that the end justifies the means?
a. Yes, unreservedly
b. Not when the means or methods are illegal and/or objectionable
c. Only under certain circumstances
d. One must judge each case individually


1. a:25, b:5; c:5
2. a:0; b:10; c:25; d:20; e:15; f:5
3. a:5; b:10; c:25; d:10; e:0
4. a:10; b:0; c:5: d:25
5. a:5; b:0; c:25; d:5; e:10
6. a:10; b:25; c:0; d:15
7. a:10; b:25; c:10; d:5
8. a:10;, b:15; c:25; d:5
9. a:5; b:10; c:25; d:0
10 a:20; b:0; c:5; d:25

235-250 points: You are selfish and mean. You will do practically anything to gain an advantage. You are cunning but not too clever. As a professional spy your bulldozer attitude will be an asset – up to a point. Your superiors in the service will find you quite useful for certain types of operations, but few of them will either like or respect you. However, being what you are, you won’t care about that. Your chances for survival are good, although it is doubtful that you will ever be entrusted with a position of major responsibility.

205-230 points: You’re a tough. You know what you want and your are determined to get it. You don’t mind employing questionable methods when the occasion needs it. At the same time you are sufficiently sensitive about your business and don’t go like a bull in a china shop. You will probably like the service and get on well with your superiors and colleagues, although you will know what you want from either. With a little luck you could easily get to the very top of the profession.

105-200 points: You are average; most people are. To a large extent you obey the rules. In the service this often presents an obstacle, although not a big one. You have strong qualities even in a profession such as ours. If you apply yourself, you may in time become a possible agent.

55 — 100 points: Let’s face it, friend, you’re a bit of a softie. No harm in that – as long as you keep out of the secret service. Should you by some chance get in, you will remain at low position. If this is what you aspire to, best of luck! We suggest, though, that you confine your interest in espionage to the reading of spy thrillers.

50 points or less:
You are probably a very beautiful person, kind, sensitive, good to your mother. You believe in mankind and the United Nations. As for espionage, you have never given the matter a single moment of serious consideration – not in connection with yourself, so bless you..


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