Тест. Сравнение прилагательных

1.    I can’t understand this conversation. It’s … … .

-difficulter                  -more difficulter              -more difficult

2.  Have a good trip. Paris is … … beautiful city in the world.

-most                           -the most                           -more

3.  Good morning. Are you in a … mood today?

-gooder                       -best                                     -better

4. How is everything at home? I hope grandmother … better.

-feels                            -the                                     -more

5. I like this classroom. It’s much … . Do the kids like it?

-biger                           -more bigger                     -bigger

6. She always … problems with Logistics Department. It’s the … thing about her job.

-has, worst                 -have, bad                          -has, worse

7. Does she … a CD-player? No, she … . That’s too … .

-has, does, bad        -have, doesn’t, bad       -have, does, worst

8. You must … it, because the next task is even … .

-do, hardest              -to do, harder                   -do, harder

9. … Mike have a … dictionary? He … to be sure about the translation of the text.

-Can, best, want      -Cans, good, wants        -Can, better, wants

10. You can write a message to … . It is much … .

-they, fast                  -them, faster                    -her, fastter



more difficultthe most
has, worst
have, doesn’t, bad
do, harder
Can, better, wants
them, faster


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