Intermediate test

1.  … Jim and Alice speak Spanish?

-Are       -Do                        -Does                    -Was

2. He … me everything about them yesterday at work.

-tell        -told                      -telled                  -tells

3. Do your friends like movies … this one?

-()           -like                       -at                          -just

4.  Did you … that your boss wanted to fire you?

-know   -knew                   -knowed             -to know

5. I …  know how to cook.

-()           -not                       -aren’t                 -was

6.  … your friends playing with you when you heard the noise?

-Were   -Did                       -Are                       -Was

7. Did James … anything about our relationship?

-said      -speak                  -mention            -talked

8. I like … chocolate. I eat … lot of chocolate every Friday evening.

-a, a       -a, ()                      -(), a                      -(), ()

9. Kirk, you can’t do …, can you?

-nothing              -anything            -something        -thing

10. I have just … you about my problem, but you were not listening.

-telled  -talked                 -spoke                 -told

11. Can you … me a couple of minutes to think it over?

-to give                                -give not             -not give             -give

12. This … good news!

-are       -is           -can       -()

13. … he come yet?

-Have       -Had                   -Was                    -Hasn’t

14. Mark couldn’t help … everything in the house.

-drink       -drinked           -drinking             -drank

15. Before I … the job of my dreams I … for a big tobacco company.

-got, had worked            -worked, worked            -had got, worked              -had got, had worked

16. I can … a pie and you can … some housework.

-do, make           -make, do           -do, to make     -have made, make

Ответы: Do, told, like, know, (), were, mention, ()/a, anything, told, give, is, hasn’t drinking, got/had worked, make/do


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