The Coca-Cola story

Coca-ColaDo you know how old Coca Cola is? More than a hundred years! It was invented in 1886 by a chemist called John Pemberton, who lived in Atlanta, in the South of the USA. (Its name comes from two of its ingredients- coca leaves and kola nuts.) Pemberton tried to sell Coca Cola as a medicine. He told his customers that it was good for headaches. They didn’t believe him, and they didn’t buy it.

After John Pemberton died, in 1888, a man called Asa Candler bought the recipe for Pemberton’s medicine He decided to sell it, not as a medicine but as a drink. In 1892, he spent $ 12,000 on advertising it. The Coca Cola advertising campaign hasn’t stopped since then! And it has worked brilliantly. Coke has been the most popular drink in the USA for more than sixty years.

In 1941, when the USA entered World War II, American soldiers began to travel all over the world .The President of the Coca Cola Company promised to send their favourite drink wherever they went, Five billion bottles of Coke were sent around the world to the soldiers! And that’s why, since the War, Coke has been famous everywhere. if you look on a bottle of Coke you will find that one of the ingredients is called simply ‘natural flavourings’. What are those flavourings? No one will tell you! The recipe for Coke has been a secret for a century. The Coca Cola Company keeps it in a safe in Atlanta. In 1985, the company made a small change to its famous drink. Millions of people complained. The company had to go back to the recipe in the safe!


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