Бизнес-лексика. Упражнение. Вставьте слова

Provide, bookcase, phone number, mobile phone, factory,  desk, wall, responsible, projector,  screen, weekend, meeting, conversation, printer

Note that the words are in their 1st form.

Hey! My ______________ doesn’t work! I can’t print the documents!

I can’t talk now, I am on the ______________.

Our __________ can be very easy and fast or hard and long….

What does he plan to do this ______________?

Do you have a room with _____________ . I would like to show you my presentation.

Your TV-___________ is so dirty. Clean it, please!

She is ___________ for her job, and this is her problem.

The contract is on my ___________. You need to sign it.

We paint the _________ in light-pink colour. I also want to hang some photos on it.

Our company __________ technical equipment for chemical __________.

He has got a new ________. I think it’s IPhone.

The folder you need is in the __________ in the corner.

He doesn’t have his boss’s ____________.

Ответы: printer, meeting, conversation, weekend, projector, screen, responsible, desk, wall, provides, factories, mobile phone, bookcase, phone number.


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