Английский по фильмам. Упражнения

Фильм Red Eye.

Посмотрите фрагмент и прочитайте текст, открыв скобки.

Отрывок:   00:06:49 — 00:09:09


A— l’m sorry.

B— Don’t sweat it. I (to wear, wore, am wearing) my combat boots.

— Excuse me?

— Travel is war (that, this, these) days.

— Yeah.

— l just love (his, him, he). How is that? Are you (learnt, learning, to learn) a lot?

— l (be, am, -) not really sure.

— He’s so handsome. l (working, work, to working) during the day so l always (miss, like, look) his shows.

— Here. That’ll catch you (down, up, on).

— Oh, no. No, no, l… l couldn’t.

— l’m finished. My Dad’s given me so (much, many, little) l could start a (library, theatre, circus). Please.

— That’s very nice of (his, we, you).

— Once again anyone who is scheduled on the flight (in, on, to) Atlanta, if you wanna get (in, out, up) of Dallas tonight, come (in, to, at) the front of the line at this time.

C— Excuse me. You’re letting them go, but we’ve been standing for (a, an, -) hour? How (do, does, is) that happen?

— lf we don’t re-book, they (fly, miss, get on) their flight.

— lt doesn’t matter that you canceled (my, mine, myself) flight then rerouted?

— l understand.

— Get your boss. This is (funny, ridiculous, great)!

— Don’t make her do that. She’s (to do) the best she can.

— l don’t think l was (talked, to talk, talking) to you

— l realize that…

— l’m trying…

D— Please, sir. She is the one (standing, staying, stopping) between us getting out and anarchy.

— Yeah, but she’s not the one in…

— She’s exhausted, worked 18 hours, and she (suspects, learns, hears) we all hate her just as much as you do. What do you (speak, say, talk) we give her a (break, pause, stop)? Let her (get on, get back, get out) to a job l (be, am, -) guessing is a lot more thankless than (yours, your, yourself).

— This airline sucks.

— Next (in, on, at) line, please.

— That’s me.

— Here.

— Thank you very much.

And thank you.

— You (be, were, are) welcome.

— Yeah. Thank you.

— Not at all. That (were, was,-) just backup. You got the ball rolling.

— Yeah. Reflex, l guess.

— Why (-, be, is) that?

— l (work, working, worked) in a hotel. l (am dealing, deal, dealt) with people like that all the time.

— The Marriott? (A, The, -) Hilton?

— The Lux Atlantic lt (be, is, was) in…

— Miami.

— Right. l (learn, know, see) it well.

— Yeah.

— So you’re on this…

— Very delayed flight (in, to, at) Miami. Yeah. You?

— Yeah. Sadly, yeah.

— But you know what? That’s why God (creating, create, created) the Tex-Mex. The (goodest, best, worse) nachos in the airport and right across from our gate.

— Good tip. Thanks.


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