Вставьте глагол в нужной форме.


1. Mr Cooper always _____________________ a pound of sugar. (buy)


2. The shop assistant _____________________  the door now. (close)


3. Kevin and Alan never_____________________   away glass bottles. (throw)


4. Look! Freddy_____________________   two baskets. (carry)


5. Now Mrs Caveman _____________________  out of the window. (look)


6. Mrs Bingham _____________________  shopping every Saturday. (go)


7. I _____________________  the money at the moment. (count)


8. Mr Root always _____________________  a box of eggs before buying them. (open)


9. Mum often _____________________  her change. (forget)


10. Listen! The manager _____________________  to a customer. (talk)


11. My friends often_____________________   shopping at the other supermarket. (go)


12. We always _____________________  our things in a basket. (put)


13. The shop _____________________  at the moment. (close)


14. Every Sunday they_____________________   tennis. (play)


15. She_____________________   a shower now. (take)


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