Модальный глагол — Can

1. We … be talented in everything.

-cant’    -can’t    -don’t can           -are not can

2. … they know the song “We are the champions”?

-Does    -Don’t   -Are       -Aren’t

3. … … you say in your defense?

-what, does       -can, do               -who, can           -what, can

4. Do you plan to start your own business? Yes, I … .

-do         -don’t   -can       -am

5. He … be so kind sometimes.

-cans     -can’t    -is           -can

6. Allie … too … wine.

-drinks, much    -drink, many      -to drink, much                -drinks,many

7. Boss … like, when you say … words about him.

-don’t, this         -can’t, this          -doesn’t, these                -is, these

8. Jack can … the guitar all night long.

-to play                  -play    -plays    -doesn’t play

9. … Friday we usually play poker … 8 p.m.

-At, on  -In, on  -In, in    -On, at

10. How … Jim do this difficult exercise?

-does    -do         -is           -can to

11. … he make that call?

-Can    -()           -Do         -Cans

12. … you like something to drink?

-Can       -Will       -Could   -Would

13. She … be here now.

-isn’t     -can’t              -not       -is not


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