Тренируемся строить отрицание и вопрос в Past Simple

Make questions.

  • We made a tasty cake yesterday.
  • His favourite fruit was bananas.
  • Jack ate potatoes with fried mushrooms and drank red wine.
  • Martin brought fresh vegetables for a salad.
  • He caught some fish for dinner.
  • Mother chose the best apples for a birthday cake.
  • Lesly came in with her hands full of strawberries.

Make negative sentences.

  • That cheese cost about 5 hundred rubles in our shop.
  • Paul cut some really good pieces of meat to make a sandwich.
  • My daughter drew a big fruit cake with five candles. She has a birthday tomorrow.
  • Kate drove all the way to that café to eat her favourite chicken with onions.
  • An apple fell down from the tree right on the head of the famous physicist.
  • Her friends found a lot of mushrooms in the forest near my country house.
  • The bird flew with a small fish in its beak.

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