Cars & Movies Quiz


Test your students what they know about famous chase scenes and great cars made famous by them!


What car did Steve McQueen have in the movie Bullitt, 1968?

Dodge Challenger

Ford Falcon

Ford Mustang

Chevrolet Camaro


Australian movie of 1979, first big hit of Mel Gibson.

Brave heart

Mad Max 2

Gone in 60 seconds

Mad Max


The movie about robbery, where the thieves drive 3 Mini Coopers.

The Italian Robbery

Big robbery

The Italian Job

The Transporter


The car, James Bond drives in Goldfinger.

Alfa Romeo

Aston Martin


Jeep Cherokee


The car brand of Bumblebee in Transformers.




Alfa Romeo


In this movie you can watch one of the most famous chase scenes in cinema (with Audi S8).

The Matrix

The Fast and the Furious


The French Connection


This Russian movie made BMW brand famous for gangs in the early 2000s.




Mafia Bessmertna


A movie about the taxi-driver from Marseille who helps his friend from police discover the missing Japan Minister.


Taxi 4

Taxi 2

Taxi 3


Who played the main male part in the movie about the mined bus with Sandra Bullock?

Tom Cruise

Mel Gibson

Bruce Willis

Keanu Reeves


In the car chase scene of this movie the police officer played by Gene Hackman drives the car pursuing the subway train with the bad guy on it.


Lethal Weapon

Mad Max 3

The French Connection


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