Fill in the gaps

Вставьте глагол в нужной форме.

1)      We ___________ very happy to see them at the party yesterday.

2)      There ___________ only a bright sun and no clouds in the sky.

3)      These shoes ___________ $200 but they are just wonderful, don’t you think?

4)      Mike ___________ to the meeting with his boss 15 minutes ago.

5)      The sons ___________ very pretty flowers to their mother. It was so nice.

6)      I ___________ what you tell me, but I can’t understand it.

7)      Then they  ___________ hands as a sign of agreement.

8)      Later people ___________ high skyscrapers of more than 80 floors.

9)      She always ___________ if the movie has a sad ending.

10)   Kate wants to buy a new dress, shoes and ___________ some beautiful ear-rings.

11)   The house ___________ to the ground. The fire was very strong.

12)   This kind of tree ___________ very fast and you can have a garden in 3 months!

13)   Did you ___________ the rainbow in the sky?

14)   ___________there any chance to know the news?

15)   There ___________ no money to buy this car. When do you get your salary?

16)   When we were on the lake I ___________ a really big fish! It was so tasty!


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