Get ready for a job interview (Part 5)

Some extra tips..

Peter: When thinking of an upcoming interview, I am really scared.My english is not good enough,and I don’t know how to behave when being interviewed.

Jack: Before going to the interview, try to get information about the company or the job you would like to get into. For example, if you have an interview at a large electronics firm,you will make a better impression when you are familiar with articles about that company. Doing anything well takes some information.That implies to job hunting too.Any good library has books which will tell you the names of companies in industries of interest to you,as well as the names of people representing those companies.

Peter: You are perfectly right, Jack.But how can I overcome my nervousness?

Jack: If you are well informed your confidence is up. You are familiar with the American terminology in your field. You are an experienced specialist.People can tell when you are well prepared. You will be asked questions that you can answer easily.You won’t be nervous in an upcoming interview.Your best guide is to rely on your own common sense.There are,however, some common rules for the interviews.

Peter: Could you give me some examples?

Jack: When greeting the representative of the company, wait until he moves to shake hands. You should also wait until he offers you a seat.

Peter: But what about the usual questions people are asked in an interview?

Jack: The most common questions are, for instance: Why are you interested in joining our company?-Why do you feel qualified for this job?-What do you know about the company?-Do you enjoy working with others? — Are you willing to work overtime? -Tell me about your experience. -What can I do for you?

Peter: Are there any surprise questions?

Jack: You should anticipate questions as: Why should I hire you? -What are your three greatest strengths for this job?

Peter: I see.These are rather tricky questions.Are there any topics I should avoid discussing with the interviewer?

Jack: In discussing your previos job, avoid criticizing former employers or fellow workers.Don’t discuss your personal,domestic or financial problems unless you are specifically asked about them.

Peter: If I am offered a job,is it appropriate to ask questions referring to the salary?

Jack: Absolutely. You can state the salary you want,but not until the employer has introduced the subject.

Peter:I greatly appreciate your giving me this valuable information.


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