Get ready for a job interview (Part 4)

Useful vocabulary


Behavior and creativity

Education and Qualification


Goals on life


Knowledge of Company

Leadership and competition at work

Compensation and money matters

Personal Relations and Loyalty

Progression and Career path


Analytical Thinking

Benefit to Company

Sales Ability

Tough Questions


Position research

Salary, Pays and Benefits

Phone interview

Chronological interviews

Competency-based interviews

Technical interviews

Case study interviews

Interview Confirmation

Thanks for Interview

Cover Letters for Resumes

CV completion

Preparing for oral presentation of personal CV

Communicating information about yourself

Emphasizing your strengths

Giving examples of the projects which have been successfully completed

Convincing employer about your qualification and experience

Being able to present your background in chronological order

Describing professional skills

Introducing your background

Explaining the previous dismissalleave

Presenting responsibilities of your job

Talking about career path and long standing goals

Being able to present interesting fact while talking

Discussing pay and other remuneration issues

Speaking about rewards at previous job

Explaining motivating factors

Answering direct questions concerning expected salary

Greeting people and introducing them to each other

Discussing personnel policies and procedures

Talking about different management structures, philosophies

Speaking with your employer on the phone

Asking questions about organizational structure and position description

Giving characteristics of your colleagues and other people

Presenting CV

Clarifying details of resume

Explaining expectations

Discussing the structure of your resume

Writing a CV

Completing a covering letter

Writing essay about yourself

Note taking the questions which might be asked during interview

Composing a CV focusing the recruiter’s attention on your working experience

Improving a CV

Completing a questionnaire

Fulfilling online application form including formal and informal letters

Writing short essays about life, work, or experience

Assessing position requirements by e-mail

Keeping records of telephone conversation

Replying to e-mail concerning job vacancies

Writing a summary

Giving a short written description of your friends and coworkers


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