Choose a comparative degree Использование сравнительной степени

1.   Jeremy is 10 years old.  Julie is 8 years old.  Jeremy is (old)__________________Julie
2.   The Alps are very high.  They are (high) ____________________ mountains in Europe.
3.   An ocean is (large) _____________________ a sea.
4.   A Rolls Royce costs a lot of money.   A Twingo costs less money. A Rolls Royce is (expensive) ________________________ a Twingo.
5.   John’s results were bad.  Fred’s results were very poor.  Fred’s results were (bad) _______________ John’s.
6.   This exercise is not difficult.  It’s (easy) _____________________ I expected.
7.   The weather is not good today — it’s raining.   I hope the weather will be (good) _______________ next week.
8.   People are not friendly in big cities.  They are usually (friendly) ____________________ in small towns.
9.   In the government of a country, the President is (important) _____________________ person.
10.  People say that Chinese is (difficult) ____________________to learn than English.
*don’t forget about than (чем)

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