Тест — Elementary

do does plural nouns

1. People from Britain … like baseball.
-does      -don’t   -are       -aren’t
2. … her mother and father watch modern movies?
-Do        -Does    -Are       -Is
3. They … at home now. It’s useless to call them.
-don’t           -have    -aren’t         -not
4. … Jimmy married?
—Doesn’t    -Is           -Has
5. Alice … to go to Washington. Would you like … come with her?
-want, ()      -doesn’t, to       -want’s, at          -wants, to
6. Greg … drink alcohol. He can have some juice.
-don’t           -isn’t     -doesn’t              -has
7. He … to go to … . And he hates to stay at home.
-likes, partys             -like, party          -to like, parties   -likes, parties
8. Can you give me … vases on the upper shelf?
-this              -that      -those  -a
9. Luke … a lot. But he doesn’t smoke at … house.
-smokes, our            -smoke, her       -to smoke, you   -smokes, them
10. She … many friends because she … a very lively person.
-have, isn’t    -has, does       -has, is    -does, is
11. If you see …, tell the good news about … vacation.
-their, them              -our, his               -them, our         -her, its
12. He … news every day to know … the events in the world.
-watches, at              -watche, in         -watch, of           -watches, about
 13. … are more sincere than  men.
-Woman      -Womans            -Women             -Womens

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