Тест — Elementary

do does plural nouns
1. Why … you take your son from this school?
-has       -don’t        -does               -have
2. She … not listen to what he says.
-do         -has       -does    -is
3. Jimmy … good every time.
-look     — see      -to look                -looks
4. What … it on the desk?
-does    -is           -has       -()
5. Pies … not ready, wait a little.
-do         -don’t   -aren’t  -are
6. Look at these … . Aren’t they beautiful?
-child     -childrens           -childs   -children
7. These boots … not for him. His … are too long.
-are, foots          -aren’t, foot      -don’t, feet        -are, feet
8. Do you see … man there?
-this       -those  -that      -these
9. … it the tie you like so much?
-Isn’t     -Does    -Has       -Not
10. Alex … every night, so he’s in very good health.
-drink    -work    -sleep   -walks
11. … daughter is very smart and intelligent. Do you know her?
-their    -they     -him      -your
12. Congratulate your friend Simon. He … engaged.
-does    -doesn’t              -is           -be
13. It’s … old house, where my friend lives. I live in … flat not far from here. But … house is better.
-a, a, a    -a, the, an         -an, a, the           -the, an, the
14. I see … in …car.
-her, ()     -she, his          -(), his                  -her,her

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